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Bringing The Sweet Life to Jewelry

Since its creation in 1995, Dolce Vita has been a small family-run business based in Chico, CA. Starting out selling at festivals throughout CA, our owners, Leif and Carmen, have grown Dolce Vita into the jewelry brand that it is today.

From hand-selecting each gemstone to working with a selection of thoughtful silver smiths globally to bring their designs to life - Leif and Carmen's attention to detail has no bounds when it comes to the jewelry they design.

They are the creative minds that oversee everything that is Dolce Vita. From designing to manufacturing, Leif and Carmen are the two-person team that we like to affectionately call "The Sweet Life." Carmen is the Dolce, and Leif is the Vita that mixes to give you Dolce Vita.


Focused on creating timeless, elegant, and unique pieces of sterling silver jewelry with shells and precious stones - Dolce Vita's goal is to give our customers wearable works of art that will last a lifetime.

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