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    • Material: 925 Sterling Silver


      Style: Braided filigree embellished bezel and bail with an oxidized finish


      Gemstone: Rainbow Moonstone


      Measurements: Width: 30mm (1.18"); Length: 40mm (1.57"); Thickness: 14mm (0.55")


      Nickel Free

    • This round Rainbow Moonstone pendant is handcrafted with a braided filigree bezel and bail. Its design pulls inspiration from ancient jewelry pieces. The iridescent qualities of Rainbow Moonstone permit neutrality without the corresponding lack of luster. This stone tends to pick up the blue and green spectrum of the color palette when it is under lights.


      • Features the natural iridescent beauty of Rainbow Moonstone

      • Design exhibits a bold and strong style with a braided filigree oxidized finish

      • Pair with one of our Diamond Cut Chains or Braided Oxidized Chain


      Due to the unique nature of each individual precious gemstones, exact colors and patterns may vary slightly from the picture shown.


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